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Treatment and cost:

In general an agreement of a preliminary talk is possible free of charge. This allows physician and patient to come to know each other and to evaluate if a homoeopathic treatment is the therapy of choice. Thereafter an appointment is made for the first anamnesis (interview). This takes approximately 2.5 hours and will be charged.

Private health insurances cover the cost of the treatment completely or partially according to their contract. The charge is set according the scale of charges and fees for physicians (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte, GOä).

Patients with compulsory health insurances may add a private complementary insurance or have to pay the cost themselves. The first anemnesis for this group costs 180 Euro. A reduction is possible due to social reasons, if verified (students, unemplyed, retirees) A cost settlement via the compulsory health insurance card is not possible. The surgery fee (German Praxisgebühr) is omitted.

Following the first interview, the drug is prescribed and a follow up appointment is agreed upon. If no unusual reaction occurs on the drug, this is necessary only after 4-6 weeks.

Follow up appointments are charged by time and usually last 30 min. (cost: 30 Euro).

The treatment is also kept track of by phonecalls, which are free of charge, except a new prescription is necessary. Does the patient wish a longer advice on the phone, it will be charged.

As additional service, I offer house visits, for which I add a charge of 20 Euros during the week and 40 Euros on weekends and public holidays.

The treatment is possible in English.